CheckersVIP Rating System

Welcome to the CheckersVIP rating system! Our platform uses the Elo rating system to assess and rank players' skill levels accurately. Here's an overview of how it works:

Provisional Ranking

New players start with a provisional rank for their first 10 games. During this period, the outcomes of their matches do not impact the ratings of established players.

Provisional Color: Brown
Duration: First 10 games played

Initial Points and Rank Colors

All new players start with 1200 points. As you play more games, your rank will be adjusted based on your performance.

Rank Colors and Ranges:

  • Provisional (Brown) : None
  • Beginner (Green) : 1000-1399
  • Intermediate (Blue) : 1400-1599
  • Advanced (Yellow) : 1600-1799
  • Expert (Purple) : 1800-1999
  • Master (Red) : 2000+

Rating Calculation

The Elo rating system updates a player's rating after each match based on the match outcome and the ratings of both players.

For Provisional Players: Rating changes affect the provisional player but not their opponents.

For Established Players: Matches against provisional players do not impact their ratings.

K-Values by Rank

The K-value determines how much a player's rating changes after a game. Here are the K-values based on rank:

  • Beginner (Green): K=40
  • Intermediate (Blue): K=30
  • Intermediate (Blue): K=30
  • Advanced (Yellow): K=20
  • Expert (Purple): K=15
  • Master (Red): K=10